Christina Hendricks Has Big Boobs and Drinks Whiskey Making Her a Mans Dream Come True

October 25, 2011 By:
Christina Hendricks Has Big Boobs and Drinks Whiskey Making Her a Mans Dream Come True

Because this is what men need for good health: giant bozongas and alcohol.

Mad Men vixen Christina Hendricks poses at a dimly lit bar in the new issue of Men’s Health magazine. Wearing a gray pinstripe dress that she’s pretty much popping out of, Hendricks holds a glass of whiskey that matches the color of her flowing ginger locks.

Damn you, Christina Hendricks. How is it possible that she looks the way she does, and I look like I do, and yet we’re the same species?

In an interview with the mag, Christina discusses her favorite drink: Johnnie Walker Black.

"I like mine simple, on the rocks. It's incredibly smooth on the tongue. A touch of caramel flavour. It warms everything inside," she says.

Oh please, of course she was gonna name an impressive drink like Johnnie Walker Black. Men aren’t exactly going to be fawning over “omg I so looove strawberry mojitos!”

Hendricks says it was her husband who got her hooked on whiskey.

“I always thought it was sexy when he ordered scotch and I'd take little sips of his drink," Christina says, adding that alcohol wasn’t exactly a part of life in the Mormon town she grew up in.

"Nobody drank, nobody had much fun. I spent most of my time itching for high school to be over," she remembers.

And while Hendricks is filming, she enjoys spending time at The Varnish—a downtown Los Angeles bar not far from where the Mad Men magic happens. The Varnish is actually a hidden bar located inside of a DTLA sandwich shop. There’s an unmarked door at Cole’s French Dip, and beyond it is a really cool, dark speakeasy-esque bar.

“[It’s] sophisticated, quiet enough for intimate conversation,” Hendricks said of the joint.

Hendricks is currently shooting the fifth season of Mad Men, which will air next year.

“'Mad Men’ fans are a pretty tame bunch, they’re not doing anything that crazy,' the actress said recently. “I think the strangest thing is that some people will come and say, "Oh, my friend was Joan for Halloween."

I’m pretty sure the ‘Joan’ Halloween costume is the only Halloween costume that comes with breast implants.

“And that is weird – especially when it's guys. There are a lot of guys who dress up as Joan Holloway!”