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NAME:Christina Hendricks BIRTH DATE:May 3, 1975 (Age: 39) PLACE OF BIRTH:Knoxville, Tennessee

Christina Rene Hendricks was born on May 3, 1975, in Knoxville, Tennessee to her mother Jackie, a psychologist, and her father Robert, a forester. She first discovered acting as a child when she joined the Junior Musical Playhouse while living in Twin Falls, Idaho.

After moving to Fairfax, Virginia, at the age of 14 and enrolling in Fairfax High School, however, Hendricks soon realized that being a performance arts enthusiast was not a popular choice. She wore Goth-like attire and hung out with other outcasts, but her natural beauty was inevitable and it wasn't long before she entered her first modeling contest towards the end of high school. Although she failed to win, Hendricks moved to New York at the age of 19, where she officially began her modeling career and learning how to survive in the merciless world of entertainment.

In 1997, Hendricks and her mother moved to Los Angeles in hopes of evolving into an actress and landed her first small role in the TV movie Sorority (1999), followed by another minor role in MTV's anthology series Undressed (1999).

Hendricks finally popped onto Hollywood's radar when she became a regular on Showtime's comedy-drama series Beggars and Choosers (2000-2001), NBC's medical drama series ER (2002) with George Clooney, the legal drama Kevin Hill (2004-2005) alongside Taye Diggs and the crime-drama series Life (2007-2008) with Damian Lewis.

In 2009, Hendricks obtained her big break-through role when she joined the cast of the AMC series Mad Men as Joan Holloway, a feisty secretary working in a male dominate advertising agency. Although the role was initially minor, audiences around the country fell in love with the strong-headed character, unafraid of standing up to the male characters. The show has since attained multiple Golden Globe Awards and Emmys with each new season and Hendricks' work was soon recognized in 2010, when she earned an Emmy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Hendricks has gained popularity and continues to be admired by many inspiring actresses for her naturally curvy body and refusal to succumb to Hollywood's rail-thin body type requirement, saying, "I've had people come up to me and sat, 'You've made me feel proud about my curves,' or, 'It's so refreshing to see body types [like yours].'" When Esquire magazine crowned Hendricks the "Sexiest Woman Alive" in 2010, she replied, "I feel sexy and I feel like a woman and I feel happy, and I don't feel like I'm constantly depriving myself or beating myself up and I still feel beautiful... But at the same time, I'm a woman and do I want to lose 10 pounds? Absolutely, like everyone does. So I can't say: I've mastered that, I've gotten beyond that."

The starlets most recent projects include, the animated flick Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy (2014), the thriller How to Catch a Monster (2014) with Eva Mendes, the drama God's Pocket (2014) alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman, the drama Seconds of Pleasure (unknown release date), the drama A Book of Common Prayer (2014) and Measure of a Man (2014).

Christina Hendricks Husband & Dating History Timeline

2009 - Present

After being introduced to eachother by fellow Man Men co-star Vincent Kartheiser, Christina and Geoffrey Arend immidiately began dating. They went on to get hitched on October 11, 2009 in New York City.

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