Suzanne Somers Offers Encouragment To Christina Applegate

August 11, 2008 By:
Suzanne Somers Offers Encouragment To Christina Applegate

Suzanne Somers has lent a hand of support to Christina Applegate, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. A fellow cancer survivor, Suzanne wrote Christina a letter to encourage her to stay strong during this tough time. The letter reads:

Dear Christina,

Cancer is scary, and lonely. You can't ask anyone to make decisions for you because it's just too heavy. There is a lot of 'rush to treatment,' when what you really need is time to research and think about how you want to approach this. Take your time Christina, there is no rush. Take your time and think it through. Use your cancer to learn and grow and as a force to work for you. You might choose to take an alternative approach. There are more options than the ones presented to you in the oncologist's office. You will make it. The success and drive you have had in your career will be the same strengths you will use to win over this nasty disease. And I am here if you want to talk to someone who was 'there.'


Suzanne Somers

What a sweet thing for Suzanne to do!