Samantha Who? Gets Canceled

May 18, 2009 By:
Samantha Who? Gets Canceled

Bad news for Christina Applegate! Samantha Who? has been canceled! And she was having such a good month, being named People’s Most Beautiful Person of 2009.

But her happiness has been sidelined for the moment as ABC has decided not to renew Christina’s show next year. According to Variety, ABC has canceled the show due to economic reasons. A source close to the show said the network was looking to cut $500,000 per episode and had considered possibly switching from multi-camera to just one.

But other sources say that ABC’s 10 new shows they have lined up may have played a part in the cancellation. Plus, ratings dropped when Samantha Who? switched from Monday to Thursday nights.

It’s too bad, because that show was really good! And it’s much better than a lot of show on that network that have gotten picked back up. Hopefully Christina can do just that—pick up the pieces and get another gig!