Christina Applegate Finds Love

March 26, 2009 By:
Christina Applegate Finds Love

After a really rough 12 months, Christina Applegate finally has something to smile about. She's found love!

Christina underwent a double mastectomy months ago, lost a cousin and a good friend, and now there's buzz that Samantha Who might get canceled. So how does she stay positive? “All I hear is just, 'Be positive,' she tells AOLTV.

Adding, “This was obviously an incredibly difficult year, not just because of that, but because I lost a good friend in the middle of it, and my cousin actually passed away in October from ovarian cancer," she reveals.

"So kind of a big year, and you can't help but change a little bit. But you know, on one hand there's all of that, and on the other hand I've fallen very much in love, so that's another thing that's happened. So there's a good end to every story."

Samantha Who faces cancellation because it's up against American Idol this winter. “Hopefully people won't watch American Idol and they'll watch us instead," she says with a laugh. "That's only like 50 million viewers."

With the success of AI, we don't blame her for being a little worried. But Christina has an amazing ability to always land back on her feet. She's one tough gal, so we're too worried about her future.