Christina Applegate Eyes Broadway Return

March 23, 2009 By:
Christina Applegate Eyes Broadway Return

'Samantha Who' star Christina Applegate is hoping to return to the city that never sleeps and get back on the big stage.

Applegate admits she misses the bright lights of Broadway and has longed to return to theatre since her stint in the 2005 revival of Sweet Charity.

She says, "I've always felt so safe and good here. I felt like myself. I want to come back here and do some Broadway. I want to do small films, I want to continue with the show, I want to travel."

After her final bow at that performance, co-star Denis O'Hare, who plays Oscar, presented Applegate with flowers and said to the audience, "[Christina] has become a member of the Broadway community, and she did that through an incredible amount of determination and grit. We have never, any of us, seen anybody earn their stripes like this girl has."

The show was nominated for Best Revival of a Musical Tony Award. Applegate and was also nominated, so it would be great to see her take the stage again... and maybe take home a Tony award this time!