Friends and Family Want Christina in Rehab

March 1, 2011 By:
Friends and Family Want Christina in Rehab

Christina Aguilera has been a drunken mess since she announced her split from hubby Jordan Bratman. Does she have a serious problem or is she just having a good time?

Christina's friends and family members are so concerned about her recent behavior, they're urging her to go to rehab.

"Her drinking is out of control," an Aguilera confidante recently told Us Weekly. "She's a total mess."

Earlier this morning Christina was arrested for public drunkenness and the L.A. County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Steve Whitmore told reporters she was so drunk she “couldn’t stand.” How do you get that wasted on a Monday night?!

“[Christina] was brought here and when she was unable to navigate and think on her own,” so she was arrested and “released at about 7:30AM,” added Whitmore. “She wasn’t able to take care of herself…so for the safety of the individual we brought her here until she could fend for herself.”

Christina and Matt were at Mario Batali's restaurant Osteria Mozza popping bottles of wine just hours before they were popped by the po-po.

Christina’s made headlines in the last few months for her boozy behavior. She reportedly got so wasted during Jeremy Renner's birthday party on January 8, she literally climbed into his bed and passed out.

Her mother has been urging her to stop drinking, but apparently it’s going in one ear and out the other.

You think Christina has a serious problem? Or is her behavior the result of her recent divorce? You tell us!