Flo Rida On Christina Aguilera: She's a Diva in a 'Good Way'

February 20, 2012 By:
Flo Rida On Christina Aguilera: She's a Diva in a 'Good Way'

Rumor has it the other judges on ‘The Voice’ have had it with Christina Aguilera’s diva ways. The singer reportedly rakes in $225,000 an episode compared to the $75,000 Cee-Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton make. But you know what? It’s about time for the ladies to lead the work force.

But we wanted to get to the bottom of Christina Aguilera’s rumored diva-dom. So Hollyscoop talked to rapper FloRida at the Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards. Flo Rida and Christina collaborated on ‘Good Feeling,’ and we asked if it’s true that she’s a huge diva.

“I mean, she’s definitely an inspiration,” Flo Rida told Hollyscoop, skillfully skirting our question.

So, of course, we asked again--whether Christina was at all diva-like.

“I mean, in a good way,” Flo Rida told us.

He added that Christina has staked her claim in the world of music and will be remembered as a legend long after she’s gone.

“I think years to come she's definitely going to go down as an icon. You know, [she’s] very talented, very passionate about music.”

According to TheWrap, Aguilera is in the process of renewing her contract with ‘The Voice’ for a third season.
According to reports, she stands to make $10 million for her job as a judge and mentor, while the guys will make $6 million a piece.

A spokesperson for NBC says the judges are still working out the kinks in their contracts as their salaries aren’t yet set in stone. Within the next couple of weeks, the final contracts should be drawn up and season three of ‘The Voice’ will begin.