Christina and New Man Caught Red-Handed

November 23, 2010 By:
Christina and New Man Caught Red-Handed

Christina Aguilera’s split from her husband Jordan Bratman is only weeks-old news, and she’s already with a new guy.

The singer was spotted with Matthew Rutler, a production assistant from her latest movie Burlesque, earlier this month. The two tried to hide from the cameras as they exited Soho House with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden on a double date.

Christina Aguilera Rebounds With a P.A.

And just this weekend, the cameras caught the two holding hands as they exited Xtina’s hotel. Sources say Christina has been trying to keep the relationship “under wraps,” but after the latest pic, it’s clear what message she’s sending.

The relationship apparently didn’t turn romantic until Christina separated from Bratman, but obviously something has been going on for awhile—they look extremely coupley in the pic—and not that happy I might add.

Christina Aguilera: I Need the Thrill of Change

Sources tell Us Magazine that the two have been on a few dates, and that’s it. "She's not looking to jump into a relationship right now. focusing on spending as much time as possible with Max,” says one friend.

Rutler has been "really good for her and is helping her through this difficult time," adds the insider.

That’s just code word for one thing: rebound sex!

I’m glad Christina’s having her fun, but let’s all stop pretending this little relationship hasn’t been going on for awhile…