Christina Aguilera Just Curvy, Not Pregnant

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Christina Aguilera Just Curvy, Not Pregnant
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If you were watching the American Music Awards last night or just logged onto Twitter and saw what everyone was tweeting about (it’s essentially the same thing) you might have learned that word on the street is that everyone thinks Christina Aguilera is pregnant.

I know, right? Twitter went off with a bunch of haters watching the awards show and commenting on how, uhmm, “larger than life” she looked in her purple wrap dress.

Some Twitter rage against Christina included:

“That awkward moment when Christina Aguilera can’t fit in her Genie Bottle anymore…”

“Did Christina Aguilera eat one of Willy Wonka’s blueberries? #AMA”

“Christina Aguilera needs a new mirror or some new friends. #AMAs”

“Christina Aguilera is truly America’s favorite drag legend.”

There was also a ton of genuinely questioning tweets like, “Is Christina Aguilera pregnant right now?” and “Someone please tell me Christina Aguilera is pregnant…please.”

We’re calling BS on the rumors, she’s not pregnant, she’s just X-Tina and she’s looking fab and anyone who wants to make fat jokes, do so at your own discretion because Big X loves the way she looks.

At the American Music Awards Nominations Announcement Christina told Hollyscoop she’s been, and always will be, extremely comfortable with her body.

“It's kind of a no brainer at this point that you know,” she tells Hollyscoop, “That's how I'm comfortable, I'm very comfortable with my body.”

X-Tina added, “Whether people love it or hate it at least I know I was staying true to myself.”

Not only that, but X-Tina recently said how her boyfriend Matt whats-his-face LOVES her body. She loves her curves, her boy toy does too, what's left to tweet about?