Christina Aguilera Has Baby Rage

February 24, 2008 By:
Christina Aguilera Has Baby Rage

Talk about baby mama drama! Christina Aguilera is reportedly pissed off that her recent photo spread in People magazine went nearly unnoticed.

She’s upset that the photos of her son Max didn’t do well enough in sales and she’s reportedly pissed that she only got $1.5 million as apposed to the $1.7 million paid for photos of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn.

"She went crazy," says an astonished source.

Xtina has reportedly fired her day-to-day manager, one of her assistants and her publicity firm BWR.

If you guys remember, one of Aguilera’s diva demands was that no other celebrity baby or pregnant star was allowed to share the cover with her. I’m assuming she wasn’t too thrilled when she found out J.Lo will be getting a cool $6 million for her baby photos.

Xtina’s ego is really fragile right now and the people closest to her are getting the backlash. Sorry Xtina, but that’s what you get when you pimp your baby out.