Christina Aguilera Designs Eco-Friendly Car

March 4, 2010 By:
Christina Aguilera Designs Eco-Friendly Car

Christina Aguilera is going from singer car designer? Aguilera was asked to create an eco-friendly car for a charity auction and she ended up doing an amazing job!

Aguilera teamed up with Chrysler to design the eco-friendly vehicle, the new Eco Style car, which features recycled materials in the interior and an economic engine.

It also features a water-based Vanilla, cactus-colored seat-inserts and bamboo appliqué placed on the door trim and center console (all sustainable materials).

Aguilera put her own personal touches to one of the vehicles, dubbed the "Eco Style by Christina Aguilera," which will be auctioned off to raise money for Haiti.

How great is that? How many people can say they drive a car designed by a pop star?!