Christina Aguilera on Changing Body: Everyone is Beautiful

June 30, 2011 By:
Christina Aguilera on Changing Body: Everyone is Beautiful

Christina Aguilera has had an interesting year. Her career is on fire right now thanks to the success of ‘The Voice’, but her personal life took a hit.

After a messy divorce and a public intoxication arrest, Christina started to lay low and just concentrate on what she loves most: music.

But she also has her little boy, Max, to thank for helping her get through the tough times. Christina confessed to Hollyscoop that her little man has become quite overprotective of her.

“He’s a little protective, he is,” Christina told Hollyscoop backstage at ‘The Voice’ on Wednesday. “He’s like ‘nobody touch my mommy!’”

While it’s adorable that a three year old is so protective of Mommy, Christina admits it can be overwhelming at times. “Sometimes it gets a little much, but you know, he's got to learn.”

Christina has also been making headlines for her ever changing body, but as she told Hollyscoop, “everyone is accepted as beautiful.”

“I think actually this day and age we're in a really great place where everybody is accepted as beautiful, especially the fact that I've been singing about it for years now in my song ‘Beautiful.’ Everyone within their own seemingly imperfections in their own heads are beautiful, in every single way, words can't bring us down,” she said with a cute laugh.

So now that the season of ‘The Voice’ has wrapped up, can we expect her to hit the studio with her protégé Beverly? Beverly told Hollyscoop: “We can't say anything about that because I think we might go in a cave and write a bluegrass album with hip hop flare.”

Christina coached Beverly all the way to the finals on ‘The Voice’ and while she wasn’t declared the winner, she now has bragging rights for life. She can tell the world an icon like Christina coached her.

What did you think of the season finale of ‘The Voice’? Who were you rooting for?