Christina Aguilera Admits to 'Obvious Setbacks'

April 4, 2011 By:
Christina Aguilera Admits to 'Obvious Setbacks'

Christina Aguilera is finally sobering up from the aftermath of her divorce.

"In the light of the past year, there have been obvious setbacks...It's a life-uprooting time and there have been hiccups along the way that unfortunately the whole world gets to witness and judge," Aguilera told

To recap, those hiccups were: forgetting the National Anthem, falling onstage, and getting arrested for public intoxication.

“I can laugh about my own hiccups and my own experiences in life because I'm getting through it,” Aguilera said.

I wish celebs would be honest for once and say, “I can laugh about it because I’m rich.” Because that would definitely be my go-to if I messed up. “Oh, everyone’s making fun of me because I botched the National Anthem? That’s cool, at least I’m rich.” “What? Joan Rivers called me fat? Hold up, I’m still rich, right? Ok, cool then.”

Aguilera further explains the pressure of performing in the public eye, “Sometimes you could be having the worst day of your life and you have to get up on that stage and you have to give to your fans in a way that they would never know the difference,” Aguilera said.

“I'm human, too, and people make mistakes and go through things in life and I'm definitely taking that into the show."