Adam Levine: I'm Christina Aguilera's Human 'Punching Bag'

June 15, 2011 By:
Adam Levine: I'm Christina Aguilera's Human 'Punching Bag'

You can't watch The Voice without listening to the awkward tension between Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine. It's part of what makes the show interesting, whether it's Adam calling Christina out on her bad jokes, or Christina putting him in his place.

Hollyscoop talked to Levine about their so called "brother and sister" relationship.

Adam told us, "You mean [she] treats me like a human punching bag?" But Adam justified their good-natured (most of the time) ribbing:

"We're all emotion and excited and into the show so it flares up sometimes, but there's no harm."

Well, that's good news. And it's true. Last night, Saran-wrapped in a tight blue dress, Christina's voice cracked as she said,

"Honestly, my heart's beating so fast. I've grown so attached to all of you." But in the end, it came down to business and Christina chose to save Frenchie Davis, sending Team Christina singers Raquel Castro and Lily Elise home. I'm the Only One singer Beverly McClellan was the audience choice.

Vicci Martinez from Team Cee Lo gave maybe the most memorable performance of the night. She sang a vintage Dolly Parton song, Jolene. Levine said her performance was "soulful, raw, honest." Blake Shelton agreed saying, "she is truly explosive."

Next week, both Adam and Cee Lo will have to eliminate people from each of their teams, a decision that will no doubt weigh heavily on them, as they've grown close to the contestants.

Levine has been in the spotlight ever since The Voice debuted, but keep walking ladies. Hollyscoop asked if he was single and he told us:

"No. That's all I'll say is no."