Adam Levine Defends Christina Aguilera's Weight Gain

February 22, 2012 By:
Adam Levine Defends Christina Aguilera's Weight Gain

Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera do love to bicker on The Voice but their bizarre sexual chemistry has obviously filtered over into their professional lives, because Adam Levine is standing up for Christina Aguilera’s “plus sized” figure.

Now, let’s not beat around the bush here, Christina Aguilera is no spring hen anymore, so when Adam Levine appeared on Howard Sterns radio show, the shock jock asked Levine, “Why do you think Christina’s got so heavy, is she upset? She used to be so f-cking hot! And her clothes are too right, am I right?”

Yes, Howard Stern you are right. About everything.

However, Adam gives the politically correct answer, saying, “Her clothes are tight, she likes to wear tight clothes! She clearly likes to talk about being comfortable with being a woman, and snapping her fingers and doing the whole (diva) thing.”

But when Stern declares that Christina is now a “plus sized woman,” Adam jumps to X-Tina’s defense and says, “I wouldn’t go that far actually!”

Look at Adam, standing up for plus sized women! Too bad he’s president of the “no fatties” dating club. Have you seen his girlfriend Anne V? She’s a Victoria’s Secret model, need I say more?

However, Christina doesn’t need defending, she’s in love with her body, tight clothes and all.

“As long as I’m happy in my own skin, that’s all I need,” Christina previously declared, “I’m happy with here I’m at. I have a boyfriend that loves my body. I love my body.”