Christina Aguilera's Massive 'The Voice' Salary Revealed

June 16, 2011 By:
Christina Aguilera's Massive 'The Voice' Salary Revealed

In the normal working world, men, on average, get paid more than women to do the same job. On The Voice, the judges are paid according to a diva scale.

Now I know why Christina Aguilera agreed to do The Voice. Duh. She gets paid almost a quarter of a million dollars per episode for the freshman reality talent show.

Whenever reputable talent agree to appear on reality TV I always wonder why. Going on reality TV when you used to be famous is kind of a sure sign of a career meltdown, unless you’re getting paid what the judges on The Voice are being paid.

However, the other judges Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are not even making half of what Christina makes. According to The Hollywood Reporter the other judges are each being paid $75,000 per episode to Christina’s $225,000 per episode. Though I wouldn’t be complaining about any of those salaries. That much money to sit in an oversized chair and say things like “I think you have a really unique voice,” and “You’ve come along way in this competition.” Not fair.

The disparity in salary of the judges is strange. Obviously Christina is the “most famous” of the judges, but she flubbed up the lyrics to the National Anthem and did anyone actually listen to her latest album?

In terms of present fame, Cee Lo Green was having the best year ever. His single “F-ck You” was a universal hit, not to mention it was covered on Glee. Ya hear that? His song was on Glee!

I can’t even imagine what the judges on American Idol are making if that’s the salary for the newcomer show The Voice.