More Christie Brinkley Divorce Drama

July 11, 2008 By:
More Christie Brinkley Divorce Drama

Everyone was a little shocked when Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook settled their divorce in just one week.

Obviously there was so much evidence against Cook, it was inevitable that Christie would get what she asked for in the settlement. But apparently the turning point of the case was when private detectives Christie hired were about to present their case.

Just hours before Ty and Stephen Dux were about to present evidence against Cook, Cook's council asked for an extended break. When they returned, they agreed to give Christie full custody and basically everything she asked for.

The reason? "I believe he had had enough already. It would have been bombshell evidence... (but) even if we were allowed to release the information... I don't know if I'd want to because I believe he's ruined already."

Although the footage didn't contain anything sexual, Ty and Stephen Dux tell Extra that "Some of his actions might have been a little reckless with his kids that could have caused them some harm. Some of it could be considered illegal."

Christie hired private detectives to follow Cook around for a year, which ended up being the smartest thing she could have done. The evidence helped her get everything she wanted in just one week. Smart girl!