Christie Brinkley Plans Move To California

July 8, 2008 By:
Christie Brinkley Plans Move To California

Christie Brinkley has plans for herself and her family after her divorce trial is over. She plans on high-tailing it out of New York and heading west to sunny California.

Christie is currently trying to get full custody of her two children and start over. Jill Rappaport, a close friend, says, "She wants to begin again as a single mom and put all this behind her. We're all praying the judge agrees to her getting sole custody of the children. They've been deeply, deeply scarred by all this too."

A court-appointed psychologist also appeared in court today and declared that Christie should get full custody. Dr. Stephen Herman testified that her ex Peter Cook is a narcissist who needs constant reassurance that he is "a terrific guy, handsome, accomplished." He also says his expectations could "cause great harm to the children."

It seems like Christie is the favored one here, which is what should be happening. We just hope the trial isn't dragged out too long, and she can start over when she moves out west.