Christie Brinkley Breaks Down About Ex Peter Cook

March 27, 2012 By:
Christie Brinkley Breaks Down About Ex Peter Cook

Christie Brinkley is opening up about her divorce from Peter Cook for the first time in four years. This would be huge if 1) this was 2008 2) I knew who Peter Cook was.

Appearing on the Today show on Tuesday, the supermodel and actress told host Matt Lauer she’s “turned the other cheek,” while her husband of 12 years talked smack about her to the press.

“There’s not one quote from me anywhere,” Brinkley said to Matt Lauer. “This is the first time I’ve ever been on a show [to talk about the breakup].”

Matt reminded Christie that Peter called her a “narcissistic egomaniac” who “castrated him in public.”

A little dramatic. Just a little.

"Since the day that he realized that I wasn't coming back, there has been a real character assassination going on,” Christie said. “I asked for and got a confidentiality agreement with the original divorce. I alone have maintained the confidentiality agreement. I had offers for a sympathetic show from Oprah, Jeff Zucker offered me an hour on primetime. Everybody asked me to come on. I did not want to do it."

She then went on to say that Peter has a personality disorder. She then broke down, saying through tears: “I just want peace.”

“Every time I have any success, he tries to destroy it,” Brinkley said.

“The only thing that have ever said, after my second trial. . .I simply said as a public service: 'Google divorcing a narcissist.' Because I'm not alone. I've gotten hundreds of letters from women that are going through this," Brinkley said. "It's not easy."

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