Christian Bale Wasn't Interested in Starring in Terminator Movie

May 12, 2009 By:
Christian Bale Wasn't Interested in Starring in Terminator Movie

The summer movie season has officially begun and while Star Trek has dominated the box office since it's opening, Christian Bale's new movie Terminator Salvation is expected to bring in record numbers. But Bale still needed some convincing when it came to staring in the movie.

Bale, while promoting his new film Terminator Salvation, spoke to Hollyscoop about the Terminator franchise and what it means to him personally.

Bale told Hollyscoop, "Initially when I heard of this I thought it's done, there's no new story there to be told and then realization that there really could be something very good here. And yeah some people told me 'yeah you don't want to touch that', and so I thought 'ok I do want to touch that' because why are they saying that?"

Last summer Bale stared as Batman in The Dark Knight, which grossed over $533 million domestically alone. While The Dark Knight had massive success at the box office, Bale said he had to really consider whether he wanted to be apart of another franchise, like the Terminator.

"Any planning that I have done in my career has been accidental," Bale told Hollyscoop. "It just became something that over time you know grew to interest me, because I certainly wasn't [interested in the movie] to begin with.

"In some ways that was another thing that some people were saying, 'why you wanna do that', which made me go well I'm gonna go do it then, haha."

Whatever the case is, we're glad he agreed to do the movie. We can't imagine anyone, other than the Governator, saying "I'll Be Back" the way Christian Bale can. Are you planning on watching the movie? What do you expect to take away from the movie?