Christian Bale is GQ

July 8, 2008 By:
Christian Bale is GQ

Just in time for the release of Dark Knight, hottie Christian Bale graces the UK cover of GQ magazine. In the issue he talks about his wifey, being a father and his hopes of winning an Oscar. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On how his wife handles how he embodies the roles he plays:
"Well, she gets to sleep with a whole bunch of different men, so maybe it's not so bad for my wife. And she does it without having to feel guilty!"

On being a father:
"The time I spend with my daughter is just incredible. She's a little rascal. I'm not going to miss her growing up for anything, not even for Batman. I'm certainly not going to be one of those fathers who picks up a photo of his daughter and has regrets about not being around."

On getting recognized:
"I used to think about it way more when I wasn't being recognized. For ages I used to think people were staring at me and I'd think, 'Oh no. I've been spotted by some deranged fan.' But of course they hadn't really recognized me at all, I just had something unsightly coming out of my nose. But anonymity back then was a lovely thing. Strangely enough, I was wandering around Rome recently, I think I was having insomnia issues or jet lag while filming, so I kept going for these late-night walks. I kept seeing this same guy wandering around some evenings, looking a little lost like me. I waved and said hello to him one night — it was f*cking Viggo Mortensen. So it seems the only people who spot me are fellow sleepless actors in Europe!"

On the possibility of winning an Oscar someday:
"Look, I'm human, and I guess I can't help but like it when someone says they like my work. If someone wanted to jump up and down and go, 'You nailed that part. You. Are. F*cking. Fantastic,' of course I'd be riding high on that. But before that happens, I'll just have a couple of drinks with my pals."