Christian Bale Is a Troubled Soul

July 28, 2008 By:
Christian Bale Is a Troubled Soul

Christian Bale's former assistant is Harrison Cheung says he's not surprised by Bale's recent family problems. Cheung, who worked for Bale for ten years, says he bests describes him as a "troubled soul."

He said: "I am sure he is mortified by the publicity he's generated this week with the row between him and his mum. But it was a row that has been years in the making."

"Christian is not a bad soul, just a deeply troubled one."

He added, "People say Christian is a great Batman because he brings a darkness to the role," he commented. "But I know the real Christian and I know the darkness is not an act."

It's hard not to believe someone who worked so closely with Bale for ten years. That's the price you pay for fame though, everyone waits until your sitting on top of the world before they try to tear you down.