Christian Bale Arrested!

July 22, 2008 By:
Christian Bale Arrested!

Christian Bale might play Batman in the movie but he is far from it in real life. Bale has been accused of allegedly assaulting his mother and sister at a London Hotel.

On Monday, his mother and sister headed to the police station and filled out their allegation. The police have yet to contact Bale. They are apparently sympathetic towards him because they know he is promoting his movie.

A source tells The Sun, "It was a very difficult situation but it would have been wrong to have wrecked the premiere over a complaint which we don't yet know is founded in truth.

"But Mr Bale will be contacted at the earliest opportunity and be asked to provide an account of anything that happened."

A police spokesman says, "We can confirm we have received allegation from another force in relation to an alleged incident in central London."

Assaulting mom and sister? That's just bad! They just probably wanted an extra ticket to the premiere.

UPDATE: A Scotland Yard spokesman says: "A 34-year-old man attended a London Police Station on Tuesday (22Jul08) by appointment and was arrested in connection with an allegation of assault. He currently remains in custody."