Christian Bale Apologizes For On-Set Tirade

February 6, 2009 By:
Christian Bale Apologizes For On-Set Tirade

Maybe Christian Bale isn’t a complete a**hole after all! He called into the famous Kevin and Bean show this morning on LA radio station KROQ, and offered an apology for his tirade from earlier in the week.

Christian called in and gave an unexpected apology to the public, who doesn’t think too fondly of him at this point. He started things off by saying, “I was out of order beyond belief. I was way out of order. I acted like a punk. I regret that. And there is nobody that has heard that tape that is hit harder by it than me. I make no excuses for it. It is inexcusable.”

Christian continues, “One thing that has really disturbed me throughout this is I’m not familiar or comfortable with this notion of being a movie star. I’m an actor and I’m don’t quite know how to handle [the movie star thing].

"The thing that disturbs me so much is that I’ve heard a lot of people saying that I seem to think I’m better than anybody else. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I’m a lucky SOB. I never forget that and that is why I put so much into what I do and I care so much about it . Sometimes that enthusiasm just goes awry.”

Well! We weren’t expecting that! You can’t really continue to be mad at the guy when he makes a statement like that.

In addition to the apology, Kevin and Bean also brought to attention the fact that it seemed unfair that the audio tape of Bale screaming even made it to the public.

Even though Bale agreed that there should be an element of confidentiality on set, he still said he wanted to make no excuses for his behavior.

He added, “I am embarrassed by it and I regret it. And I ask everybody to sit down and ask themselves, ‘Have they ever had a bad day and have they ever lost their temper and really regretted it immensely?’”

And just as a kicker, the conversation turned to Michael Phelps and his recent suspension resulting from his pot smoking. Bale’s take on it is that he should definitely swim in the next Olympics and not waste his God-given talent. We couldn’t agree more!