Chris Klein Thinks He's Lindsay Lohan

July 23, 2010 By:
Chris Klein Thinks He's Lindsay Lohan

Chris Klein must think he’s Lindsay Lohan or something. Katie Holmes' ex decided to skip his arraignment today on his two DUI charges, and sent his high-profile attorney Blair Berk instead.

And it gets better—the lawyer was sent to enter two not guilty pleas. Um….what? As you may recall, Klein was pulled over on an LA freeway June 16th after he was spotted weaving all over the place.

He then went off to Cirque Lodge rehab center in Park City for the last 30 days, so obviously someone informed him he had issues.

But this attitude of “non-guiltiness” didn’t exactly fly with the judge, because she ordered Klein to show in person at his preliminary hearing scheduled for Aug. 23. She also prohibited him from drinking or possessing any alcoholic beverages.

This was Klein’s second DUI arrest, and his blood-alcohol level was allegedly almost three times the legal limit.

What a loser!