Chris Kattan And Wife Spilt After 8 Weeks

August 19, 2008 By:
Chris Kattan And Wife Spilt After 8 Weeks

Chris Kattan has pulled a Pam Anderson and is splitting from his wife after just 8 weeks of marriage. Chris and model Sunshine Tutt wed in a ceremony in Yosemite Valley in June.

The two seemed to be so happy. Prior to the wedding, Chris had blogged about Sunshine, saying on his blog, "She is so kind, sweet and very beautiful. She's also very funny which always is a great thing. She's also very much like me. She makes me very happy. It feels real and honest and I have more of a continuous smile than I have ever had

Well it seems those feelings have cooled off. The two haven't made it
official by divorcing, but they are separated for the time being. Maybe
Chris was doing a little too much of this, and it scared poor Sunshine away! No! You can't have-a da Mango!