What You Didn't Know About Chris Hemsworth

May 3, 2011 By:
What You Didn't Know About Chris Hemsworth

Another Soap Opera alum; Directed by Shakespearean director Kenneth Branagh Thor has summer blockbuster written all over it: a beautiful, Oscar winning actress, a Shakespearean film director, and a muscled-up beefcake: Chris Hemsworth.

An up-and-coming actor from Melbourne, Australia, Hemsworth talked to Hollyscoop about his recent role as the powerful warrior, Thor.

“I read the comic books and noticed that the character was ten times bigger than I was,” Hemsworth told us.

Which meant hours upon hours in the gym, and Craft Services certainly had it a little easier, because Hemsworth had a pretty simple diet:

“That certainly put some fire in me to get in the gym and force feed myself buckets of protein and what have you.”

Director Kenneth Branagh is known for his adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays, namely Hamlet. Of Branagh’s directing, Hemsworth told Hollyscoop:

“You certainly had Ken there to give you a picture of what’s going on. Especially the frost giant scene, Ken would be describing the glaciers are falling and how you’re being attacked from this side. It was the best of what we could have had in that environment.”

Hemsworth came from starring in an Australian soap opera to a full-blown, U.S.A. blockbuster. So how is he handling the pressure?

“Whatever comes now, if it keeps me working, keeps me in a job, keeps me in, that’s the focus. A year and a half ago I was banging on the door trying to get an audition and to be here now working is incredibly exciting.”

Hemsworth even had a chance to have some fun with costar Natalie Portman, whom he first met at Branagh’s home in England.

“Tom and I would do some yoga, I said Natalie’s gonna be here in a second I don’t want to be seen doing yoga, I’m Thor.”