The Most Famous Hollywood Siblings

July 8, 2012 By:
The Most Famous Hollywood Siblings

Ever meet a super hot guy and wonder, “does he have a brother?” These hot stars have us doing a double take. If one famous and good-looking family member just wasn’t enough for some of you, these are the most talented, most good-looking Hollywood siblings.

The Hemsworths: First came Chris Hemsworth – The Australian actor stunned us with his hammer, I mean, his role in “Thor” and before we knew it, his younger brother Liam was causing a scene by getting engaged to Miley Cyrus. With Chris appearing in The Avengers and Liam in The Hunger Games, these bros are poised to take over Hollywood.

The Fannings: For the longest time there was only Dakota Fanning. You know her; I don’t need to list her accolades, and then came Elle. Dakota’s younger precocious sister has the same refined acting technique and is not only is a star-in-the-making, she is a red carpet and fashion darling, having modeled for Rodarte.

The Gyllenhaals: Jake Gyllenhaal has been a Hollywood heartthrob for years and his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal is just as lovely. So, Jake may be more A-List but Maggie has an impressive 38 film roles on her IMDB page, including starring in Donnie Darko with her brother.

The Baldwins: You could argue on the hotness factor of the Baldwin brothers (Alec, Daniel, Billy, and Stephen) but you can’t deny the odds that all four brothers were able to “make it” in Hollywood. Alec is definitely the most famous of his brothers, but Billy Baldwin did a pretty good impression of his brother on a recent episode of “30 Rock.”

The Jonases: What can I say about the Jonas Brothers that hasn’t been said before. For starters, do you know their individual names? Kevin is the oldest and is currently married and living in New Jersey. Joe is the middle brother, he launched a solo career last year that kind of fizzled out, and Nick is the youngest brother and just ended a run on Broadway. Some good news about the Jonas, there are rumors that they are getting back together to record a new album.

The Francos: You all know James Franco. He’s a well-respected actor but also appears in comedies, goes to like 10 different grad schools, and up until a few years ago was still appearing on “General Hospital.” He’s a weird dude, but a hot dude. But have you met his younger brother, Dave? Dave most recently appeared in 21 Jump Street.

The Deschanels: Zooey Deschanel might be the more famous Deschanel offspring, but Emily Deschanel has been starring on crime drama “Bones” for nearly 8 years. For all the tabloids that Zooey appears in, her sister seems to slide under the radar.