Get to Know the Third Hemsworth Brother You Kinda Knew Existed

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Get to Know the Third Hemsworth Brother You Kinda Knew Existed
Image By: Getty Images / Mark Metcalfe

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than two Hemsworth brothers, life giveth us a third real-life Hemsworth brother!

His name is Luke Hemsworth.

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He’s the eldest of the Hemsworth brethren.

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He's just 32 years old.


They’re basically the millennial Baldwin brothers.

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Just look at this genetic phenomenon known by science as THREE Hemsworth brothers.

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Why have they been keeping this a secret?!

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Luke has made a career out of working in Australian TV for more than a decade.

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That’s him in “Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms,” a biker drama about the 1984 Milperra massacre.

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His character's name was Shadow, which is kind of badass.


Just last year he booked his first feature film!

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It’s called The Reckoning.

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He plays a detective who is tasked with tracking down his partner-in-crime’s killer.


Which quickly avalanched into booking four more movies!

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In total, he has five films in the works, four of which will be released this year.


Sure, none of them are Thor or The Hunger Games, but Luke, you’re on your way!

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