Chris Hemsworth Reveals Shocking Starvation Diet

November 7, 2013 By:
Chris Hemsworth Reveals Shocking Starvation Diet
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Ready for some crazy celebrity diet talk? Well this one’s even crazier than usual because it comes from a MAN CELEB and not the starving lips of a female star pressured to stay under a size zero because #society.


Big, burly, Brawny paper towel logo Chris Hemsworth was recently cast in a new film that demands he lose 20 pounds for it.

After putting on enough muscle mass worthy of his superhero character Thor, he’s undergoing a crash diet to slim down ASAP.

The movie he’s gearing up (down?) for is called Heart of the Sea and follows the true events that inspired writer Herman Melville to pen Moby Dick. Lots of ships, open sea, men being men, that sort of thing, which Chris explained on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

“A bunch of sailors in a whaling ship get struck by a whale, the ship sinks and they jump on the small rafts and drift for 90 days. And basically they begin to die and eat each other…a romantic comedy,” Chris joked, before continuing, “And we have to get rather skinny. So we’re on 500 or 600 calories a day.”

Not an easy task considering one Big Mac by itself is 550 calories.

“It’s funny, you’ve never heard 15 big, burly guys playing sailors talk about their calorie count, what they should and shouldn’t eat, what their cheat meal is going to be,” Chris added.

The diet also requires a fasting period of 15 hours, followed by a couple salads and small pieces of protein here and there throughout the day. You then go to bed licking your own arm, on the verge of 127 Hours-ing it, before blacking out due to starvation.

Then you repeat it all the next day.

Good luck, Chris!