What Chris Evans Wants In A Woman

December 23, 2011 By:
What Chris Evans Wants In A Woman

This summer, when Chris Evans played Captain America, he turned a large percentage of the female population into comic book nerds. His chiseled physique turned heads, and it just landed him a gig with Gucci Guilty Intense. In the campaign, Evans shares a sultry video with Evan Rachel Wood.

“She's awesome,” Chris told Details.com. “We actually instantly got along because she's very much my type of girl.”

Alright ladies, I have some coveted information here. What’s Chris Evans’ type?

“Very laid-back, likes to go out and have a good time.”

Well, that sounds easy enough. Evans says that he’s had to stay in shape for a long time, since his role in Captain America. Recently, though, he’s gotten to ditch the gym for at least a little while.

“I felt like I'd been working out for over a year straight. So I've taken a bit of a break.”

He also brags that he doesn’t really have to worry about getting fat.

“I have a pretty fast metabolism, so I don't really have to worry about getting pudgy...My workout routine isn't too fancy either.”

Oh. Well yee-freakin'-haw for you.

Most of us plan to get in shape after the holidays. But since Chris is apparently a 10 by nature, what is his new year’s resolution?

“I always say I should do more yoga. Or do yoga—more would mean I do some. I've done none. But I always want to do yoga because I'm getting old. Nerves are getting pinched every other day, and I really just gotta get more limber.”