Will & Carrie Slam Public For Making Assumptions In Chris Brown Case

February 13, 2009 By:
Will & Carrie Slam Public For Making Assumptions In Chris Brown Case

By now, everyone has put in their two sense regarding the Chris Brown and Rihanna drama.

People are quick to judge both Chris and Rihanna, but the fact of the matter is that no one knows the real story except for the two of them.

There’s something to be said about innocent until proven guilty. And although Chris pretty much looks like he’s in the wrong in this case, it’s important to keep perspective on the case and keep an open mind. That’s why we like the most recent statements made by Will Smith and Carrie Underwood.

They both were asked to comment on the past week’s incident, and each of their answers surprised us, but in a good way.

Carrie said, "I don't think anybody actually knows what happened. I have no advice because, thank goodness, I've never been in any kind of abusive situation.

"You hear a new one (rumor) every five minutes, and some of them are getting kind of ridiculous. I really hope everyone will lay off and just let everybody who's involved figure out everything first."

Ruben Studdard also added, "I'm still praying for him. Everybody always has something negative to say about everything, and I always try to be positive.

"You never know what's going on in people's personal situations.
They've both made wonderful careers for themselves, and I think they will continue to do so for the rest of their lives."

As for Will Smith, he said, "People should take a minute before they jump on it and judge. We don't know nothing. If there are mistakes people make, then they should be willing to live up to the mistakes and do whatever penance they need to do. I don't think it's up to us, specifically the media, with such a fast hand to try to chop someone's head off."

It’s true! Rihanna especially has enough on her plate right now than to deal with all of the rumors on top of it. Hopefully people will take Will’s advice, and simmer down!