Top Celebrity Twitter Feuds

June 20, 2011 By:
Top Celebrity Twitter Feuds

Pretty sure Twitters creators never thought their social networking site would become the source for public celebrity feuding, but somehow it has. In Hollywood, celebrities attack their enemies by getting on their smart phones and type all the virtual smack they want.

The most recent celebrities to verbal spar on the internet include Chris Brown vs. Odd Future, Holly Madison vs. Krystal Harris and Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj vs Keyshia Cole?

Chris Brown made a statement on twitter about the music of rap group, Odd Future. He thought he was complimenting one of the members, Frank Ocean, but apparently Frank Ocean didn’t think so and tweeted that Chris Brown was looked like a “young sisqo or ike turner.”

This set Chris Brown over the edge and be began twitter vomiting a slur of not-safe-for-work tweets at the rapper. I would try to quote the tweets but there would be nothing left to read if I censored them. Basically, Chris Brown has a bad virtual temper.

The twitter sparring got so bad that Tyler The Creator, the other half of Odd Future got in on the fight, spewing his fair share of F-bombs at Brown. Finally, not to be left out of the action, the rapper Game decided it was his job to act as mediator? He tells the young rappers not to mess up like he did with 50 cent, “Don’t f--- it up by beefin’. FOCUS.”

But what happens on twitter doesn’t stay on twitter. At a recent Odd Future concert, the audience began chanting “F-ck Chris Brown!” Yikes.

Holly Madison has been involved in a one sided Twitter feud with Hugh Hefner’s recent ex, Crystal Harris. When Holly found out that Harris ran off to Vegas the weekend she was supposed to get married, she took to twitter to vent. Of Harris’s booked appearance at the MGM’s Wet Republic, she wrote, “That’s a new low! That’s disgusting and whoever booked her is tacky.”

Harris kept mum and didn’t hate tweet back, probably because she knows that in a Girls-Next-Door fight, Holly would always win.

Lil’ Kim has always had it out for Nicki Minaj, claiming that Nicki stole her style, Lil’ Kim went nuts when she found out that Minaj would be appearing on Dancing With The Stars, which Kim appeared on two seasons ago. Kim tweeted, “B-tch I see you crawling! I got my can of RAID. Come get it!! #TwitterRoach”

Apparently no female rappers can survive as long as Lil’ Kim is around and has an internet connection.

In a complex twitter back and forth, Lil’ Kim and Keyshia Cole went at it over how much both parties disliked each other. Lil’ Kim tweets, “U got that right. We are not friends. The same way U take friendship seriously I take loyalty serious.”

Well, there’s an old saying that goes: If you don’t have something nice to say, say it on twitter.