Top 10 Celebrity Fake Deaths

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Top 10 Celebrity Fake Deaths
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So many fake deaths, so little time…

Most celebrity death hoaxes blow over quickly. And, even though they help get celebrities’ money’s worth out of their publicists, it can all become a bit too frustrating.

Here are ten celebs that all fake died via Internet in the past…

Johnny Depp: Another recent faux casualty, the actor was rumored to have drowned this month while shooting The Lone Ranger. Two problems with this report: production wrapped on Lone Ranger months ago and also Johnny Depp can’t die… Ever.

Chris Brown: Unlike most celebrities that get a single “RIP” tweet that spirals out of control, Breezy got teased with death reports on Youtube too. Needless to say, damage control took a little longer than usual.

Eddie Murphy: Be it a tragic wildfire or a snowboarding accident in Switzerland, the comedian has died multiple times on the Internet. Yet, in real life, he lives on as if nothing ever happened because - well - it didn’t.

Paul McCartney: While there are a bunch of death conspiracy theories surrounding the Beatles in the past, we can officially report that the British musician is alive and kicking, despite what Twitter said earlier this year. In fact, he’s performing next month!

Paris Hilton: In September it was reported that the reality star met her fate in a single car crash. While some may have wished this was true, alas… It was not.

Justin Bieber: “RIP JB” is easily a trending topic and because of that this has happened multiple times. Luckily, even Beliebers aren’t gullible enough to buy into it anymore.

Morgan Freeman: Here’s another celeb that earned a Facebook death page after fake dying in September, earning a solid 60,00 followers. Fortunately, Morgan was just off filming the 300 films that he’ll be appearing in next year.

Macaulay Culkin: Heroine overdose was the cause of the reported death that the Home Alone actor suffered last month. But, according to Macaulay, he’s sober, off drugs and – oh yeah – alive!

Lindsay Lohan: Despite how many times she’s crashed her car, the actress has always walked away more or less OK. While death hoaxes have followed Lindsay throughout her career, the most famous one was the one where she supposively killed herself in 2010 to avoid jail time.

Kanye West: In late September 2012, Kanye was declared dead not by a doctor but instead by a Youtube comment for his video “Mercy." You would think this wouldn’t get much traction but it did. Another reason why you shouldn't believe everything that you read.