T.I. Hopes Chris and Rihanna Will Rise Above Altercation

February 25, 2009 By:
T.I. Hopes Chris and Rihanna Will Rise Above Altercation

Rapper T.I. got some heat for calling Chris Brown a "great guy" and claiming that he's "cool" after he reportedly attacked girlfriend Rihanna earlier this month.

Shortly after he made those comments he retracted them saying he "made a mistake of commenting before understanding the situation."

Well T.I., who collaborated with Rihanna on the hit song, "Live Your Life" is once again speaking about the altercation, but he's singing a different tune this time around.

"I've been blessed and fortunate enough to spend time around them and Rihanna is outstanding. She's the sweetest girl...Chris, he's a great guy...I can't speak on the event that took place.

"I don't know the details...It's not my business, but I know through all adversity comes strength and everyone goes through things for a reason. I want to see them both rise above it, move beyond it and get back to being great," T.I. told Extra.

He added that he "made an attempt to contact Rihanna, but understandably, she's not able to be reached."

While it's nice that everyone is trying to reach Rihanna to send their love and support, she probably needs some peace and quiet right now. The last thing she needs is to have to explain what happened to everyone that calls.

We're loving T.I.'s positive message though. We hope they both rise about this too. What are your thoughts?