Source: Chris and Rihanna Have Not Reunited!

August 6, 2009 By:
Source: Chris and Rihanna Have Not Reunited!

Both Rihanna and Chris Brown have denied that they've reunited, but that hasn't stopped the press from running with wild stories about their secret rendezvous.

Sources close to Chris' camp tell Hollyscoop that "Chris and Rihanna are definitely not reuniting and they're not in contact." The source added that their run in at Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York this past weekend was purely coincidental.

Chris was in court yesterday to receive sentencing from a Los Angeles Superior Court judge, but it has since been postponed. Judge Patricia M. Schnegg decided that more time was needed to figure out the details of the labor portion of his sentencing. She wants to make sure Chris does actual labor, and not just community service.

But Rihanna's mother is singing a different tune. She's convinced that Chris' trial was postponed because Rihanna and Chris are still in contact.

"I’m devastated, but what can I do? Rihanna is her own woman with her own mind and very, very independent. We love her but can’t stand to see her play Russian roulette with her life."

She also said, "Chris has a bizarre power over her. She still loves him and he knows it. In her eyes, he’s a god. Even after all this time, and even after what he did, it’s not diminished."

Rihanna's lawyer Donald Etra already confirmed to Hollyscoop that the restraining order against Chris is still in tact. "A level one order is sufficient for my client. The order will require Chris to not molest, annoy, or harass Rihanna. Since the inception of the case, we've always believed that that's the only order required," Etra told Hollyscoop exclusively.

Perhaps Rihanna's mother is buying into the tabloid rumors of them reuniting? One things for sure, both Chris and Rihanna have not been in contact, nor are they reuniting.

Chris was also reportedly going to make an appearance on Larry King Live this week, but Hollyscoop can confirm that those plans have been scrapped...for now.