Roseanne Blasts Chris Brown

February 17, 2009 By:
Roseanne Blasts Chris Brown

It's been a while since we've heard anything from Roseanne, we almost forgot about her. She's one of those actresses that goes into hiding until she has something to say, and boy does she have a comment about Chris Brown.

Roseanne took to her blog to blast Chris Brown for his recent altercation with girlfriend Rihanna. She blasts him for allegedly beating her, calling him a "sleazy bastard." It's safe to say she didn't accept his public apology.

Check out her blog entry below and let us know if you agree or disagree with her:

"chris brown's lies and excuses make me want to beat the crap out of him...he uses the language of the perpetrator just like every sleazy bastard who ever smacked his wife, kid, mother or girlfriend around uses. you dirty bastard, I hope you go to prison for ten years.

"IT'S YOUR FAULT, A$$HOLE! as for all the mealy mouthed hollywood and music scene chicks that can't bring themselves to condemn a misogynistic bully, let me say this: your time as whores for propaganda is ending, bitches."

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