Rihanna Un-Follows Chris Brown on Twitter After Offensive Song Lyrics!

May 10, 2012 By:
Rihanna Un-Follows Chris Brown on Twitter After Offensive Song Lyrics!

Chris Brown just put his own spin on Kanye West’s new song “Theraflu” and the lyrics basically throw Rihanna under the bus for being a, how do I put this delicately, a wh-re.

Chris Brown tweeted a link to the song on his twitter and apparently upset Rihanna so much she un-followed him on twitter immediately after! Then, Chris Brown unfollowed Rihanna!

It’s obvious the lyrics are about Rihanna, and not only that, but they are NSFW.

Lyrics in the freestyle include, “Don’t f-ck with my old bitch it’s like a bad fur/Every industry n---a done had her/Trick or treat like a pumpkin just to smash her/B-tch is breaking codes, but I’m the password.”

Let’s break this down: Chris Brown calls out Rihanna for sleeping around with everyone in music industry, he says he’s the only one who knows the “password” to her heart, he also calls her a pumpkin.

Anyways, this set Rihanna over the edge. Right after Brown tweeted the link to the song, Rihanna unfollowed him on Twitter and then wrote, “Aw, poor dat #neaux1curr.”

These two are like a real bad train wreck, but we can’t stop watching! Chris Brown was rumored to have attended Rihanna’s birthday back in February where the two were spotted canoodling and acting like a couple.

They then collaborated on Rihanna’s song “Birthday Cake” and on Chris Brown’s remix to “Turn Up The Remix.”

There was also some cutesy twitter flirting between the two and some vengeful tweets from Rihanna directed at Chris’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

Anyways, it all appears to be over…for now.

We reached out to both Rihanna and Chris Brown's reps, so far, no comment.


Chris Brown just tweeted: "Assumptions! I didn't say any names so if u took offense to it then its something you feel guilty about."