Report: Rihanna To Wed Chris Brown On New Years

December 5, 2012 By:
Report: Rihanna To Wed Chris Brown On New Years

Believe it or not, but there’s a report making the gossip rounds that says that Rihanna is planning to marry Chris Brown in a secret wedding over New Years Eve!

She’s reportedly telling friends to keep that night free, because she wants all her besties to watch her tie the knot with the dude who punched her in the face. Just calling a spade a spade, bro.

At first I was reluctant to believe this story, but then I remembered that Rihanna is taking Chris to Barbados to spend the New Years Holiday with her family. It should be noted that the story specifically said “New Years” and not "Christmas" or "The Holidays," she’s specifically taking him to her homeland for NYE.

She booked Chris AND his mom a five-star Bajan villa over NYE and is attempting to convince her family that Chris is new and improved.

However, Rihanna's mom knows about the surprise wedding and is NOT HAVING IT.

“She called Rihanna to yell at her, asking what she’s doing with her life,” adds the super secret source.

This is a hot button issue for Rihanna’s mother, because her husband (Rihanna’s dad) was also abusive. She doesn’t want her daughter to repeat history.

Oh, there are also rumors that Rihanna is asking her record label if she could take some time off from churning one album out per year so she can HAVE A BABY.

Yeah, I know. I was stressed when I read it too.

I’m having a hard time believing ANY OF THAT, but the source insists that Rihanna met with the label and said, “can I take a break, I want a child” and they basically “just stared at her. Everyone was pretty open-mouthed. But she hasn’t got any time free in her diary until 2014,” says the source.

I’m getting a stress headache just writing this article. Well, January 1, 2013 will be a very revealing or very disappointing day.

We reached out to Rihanna’s rep but did not receive a comment by press time. As for Chris Brown, his longtime rep no longer represents him.