September 21, 2012 By:

Attention Team Breezy and all of Chris Brown’s pseudo-desperate-slightly-manic Twitter followers who apparently have erased the “beats women” episode from your memory…Chris Brown is single again! Holleerrr.

So Chris has been dating that girl Karrueche Tran for what feels like forever, but as of 7 hours ago, source say that these two are DUNZO.

Late last night, Karrueche Tran tweeted the phrase, “The end.”

First of all, how very “Rihanna” of you, Karrueche, but also, is a “the end” tweet really “the end” of Karr and Chris’ relationship?

Media Take Out thinks so.

A source close to the two told Media Take Out that the Karrueche broke up with Chris when he stood her up at an event in Hollywood last night, and instead went to a nearby club and flirted random groupies.

So first off, Karrueche (who we will call Kae, for ease of spelling) was supposed to meet up with Chris at Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music release party at LA nightclub BLOK last night, but the source says “Chris texted her telling her he was on his way [but] he never showed up and didn’t answer any of her texts.”

Come to find out that Chris and his friends went to a different club just one block away where he was flirting with OTHER WOMEN!

Apparently Kae has also been pretty lax about Chris’ wandering eye, probably even cool with his latent love affair with Rihanna, but this was the last straw.

“It was embarrassing [for Kae], she’s willing to put up with some stuff. But [Chris] is being too over the top…”

She then got home and tweeted “the end,” allegedly directed at Chris to announce that she was done with him.

It’s only a matter of time before Chris and Rihanna start up the flirty/vague tweets again. We’ll keep you posted.