Rep: Chris Brown and Nicole Scherzinger Not Making Out

September 26, 2012 By:
Rep: Chris Brown and Nicole Scherzinger Not Making Out

Does Rihanna have another woman standing in the way of her life-long plan of getting back together with Chris Brown because he is her #1TruLuv!?


Chris Brown and Nicole Scherzinger were spotted getting up close and personal at Supperclub in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, and thanks to some grainy camera phone pictures, it appears as if Chris and Nicole are K-I-S-S-I-N-G!?

Well, it only LOOKS like kissing, but rather, they were doing that thing when the music is too loud and you have to shout everything into your friends ear and it might look like you are giving them a hickey, but really you’re just trying to shout over the music.

Also, Chris Brown’s rep told Hollyscoop, there is NOTHING going on between him and Nicole.

“They were not kissing,” says Chris’ rep, “They are friends, have been for years and were talking at a club that had loud music playing.”

Chris’ status with his girlfriend Karreuche is still up in the air, last week we reported that he and Karreuche had broken up. However, Nicole is still happily together with her Formula One racer beau Lewis Hamilton.

Nothing to report here folks, just a couple of good friends yelling into each other's ears.