Raz-B Energy Drink Endorsement

June 1, 2012 By:
Raz-B Energy Drink Endorsement

Raz B, former member of hip-hop boy band B2K, has been getting a lot of press lately.

First there’s his forthcoming memoir “This Boy’s Life” where he makes allegations of having been molested by well known members of the music industry and takes it upon himself to out more than one superstar as being a closeted homosexual. Excerpts have been leaked to the press and can be read online.

Then there’s the obvious backlash from making such statements (Chris Brown claims he doesn’t do dudes, but definitely will go all straight up testosterone in his plans to sue Raz’s pants off for stating otherwise).
And now, he’s got an endorsement deal for an energy drink.

Raz signed on with Jukkin Energy Drink Inc., to promote its newest flavor, not coincidentally called “Very Raz Berry.” Along with the canned beverage, available for sale online, Jukkin Energy Drink Incorporated has a record label. They worked Raz in on that too signing him up for a single.

Proving again that hip-hop and intense jolts of caffeine go together like mic and hand. Raz follows in the footsteps of, among others, 50 Cent’s Street King, Nelly’s Pimp Juice and Pit Bull’s Pit Bull Energy Drink.

The Jukkin website boasts the “health benefits” of it’s drink:
Increases Physical Drive. Supports the body to sustain its natural resources for energy. Boosts energy, without the crash. Strengthens the Immune System with B6 & B12 Vitamins & Antioxidants. Stimulates Metabolism, Increases Endurance and Makes you reach peak performance.

Let’s hope Raz’s deal includes unlimited access to the product, because his schedule is filling up quickly.