PHOTOS: Chris Brown Stoned in Amsterdam

December 4, 2012 By:
PHOTOS: Chris Brown Stoned in Amsterdam


Chris Brown went to Amsterdam, got high, and took A LOT of photos on Instagram. This is his story. 

Chris Brown smoking three blunts, the caption reads, “Oh don’t worry. It’s medicinal!! Lol.” Yes, it always takes that much marijuana to cure a hang nail! Don’t judge!

Chris Brown’s stoney eyes trying real hard to focus. Kudos to Instagram for capturing that puff of smoke near his right eye.

Chris Brown making Rihanna jealous that he smokes more than she does.

Chris uhmm sleeping? Laying sideways and blowing smoke? Leaning against a giant eyeball on the wall? The caption on this photo only reads “#ohb #dromodel” which according to our inhouse hashtag experts means “out here balling” and “stoner modeling.”


Chris Brown looking out into the distance confused by something and trying out the lomo cam filter on Instagram. #StonerProblems