Pauly D and Who?! Weirdest Celebrity Dating Rumors

March 25, 2012 By:
Pauly D and Who?! Weirdest Celebrity Dating Rumors

It doesn’t take much to start a rumor in Hollywood. One casual dinner, and next thing you know, you’ll be walking down the aisle.

Some rumors turn out to be true, and others have us scratching our heads, wondering how they got started in the first place. And when it comes to celebrity dating rumors, there have been quite a few doozies. Here are five of the weirdest celebrity dating rumors we’ve heard.

Pauly D & Chloe Sevigny: Opposites attract, but these two are really opposite. Chloe is an art house actress with movies like Boys Don’t Cry and American Psycho under her belt. Pauly D? He has sex in the Smoosh Room. But rumors started last year when Pauly and Chloe were photographed sitting next to each other at a Knicks game. Sevigny shot down the rumor but said a coupling “would be hilarious. That would be the weirdest couple in the world. It would be like the apocalypse.”

Bruce Willis & Lindsay Lohan: This rumor was swirling back in 2005. Bruce and Lindsay reportedly had a shot-lived “thing.” Bruce laughed it off, saying: “We could go down to a newsstand right now and find five stupid things that are written about me, but I just don’t care.”

Alec Baldwin & Denise Richards: Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger sparked this one, when she said these two would make a great couple. From there, we saw headlines like: Alec Baldwin & Denise Richards to Start Dating? and Alec Baldwin & Denise Richards Destined To Be Together. Of course, it never happened, though Alec said, “I think Denise Richards is absolutely adorable.” I’m not sure why this one is so just is. Maybe because it’s two random people?

Eddie Murphy & Toni Braxton: Speaking of random, this Eddie Murphy/Toni Braxton rumor popped up not too long ago. Some source was saying they were “getting very serious,” but Eddie shot down the rumor, saying: “Toni and I are just friends.”

Chris Brown & Kelly Rowland: Last year, Chris Brown gave Kelly Rowland an on stage lap dance, and some of his F.A.M.E. tour mates came forward claiming the two were dating. Chris’ rep denied the rumor. Why is this weird? Aside from the slight age gap, Kelly is also good friends with Jay-Z, who reportedly still hasn’t forgiven Chris for what he did to Rihanna. At last year’s MTV Video Music Awards, after Chris Brown performed, a bunch of people in the crowd stood up and clapped. Who didn’t? Jay-Z. He just sat there, even though his pal Kanye—right next to him—gave Chris a standing O. Jay sat with his drunk in his hand, not smiling and not clapping.