Leona Lewis the Cause of Chris Brown and Rihanna Incident?

February 10, 2009 By:
Leona Lewis the Cause of Chris Brown and Rihanna Incident?

With every scandal comes a lot of bizarre rumors. The first set of rumors were that Chris Brown and Rihanna had gotten into a car accident.

Then we heard a rumor about Rihanna supposedly giving Chris herpes, which allegedly started the fight. Then there was the broken nose rumors and now the most bizarre of all is that Leona Lewis was responsible for the altercation.

Earlier we reported that the attack may have been the result of infidelity on Chris' part and now Star magazine is reporting that hours before Chris' alleged violent outburst, he was seen flirting with Leona Lewis.

“At one point, Rihanna caught Chris flirting with Leona,” says a source. “They were carrying on and laughing, and Rihanna saw Chris with his hand on the small of Leona’s back. It may have been innocent, but that set Rihanna off.”

Apparently the couple has been fighting for months and their relationship was already at a breaking point.

On a side note, Leona is engaged to her longtime love Lou Al-Chamaa. The couple has been dating since she was 17. They currently share a flat in Hackney.

At this point everyone is going to analyze every single detail of what went down that night and over-exaggerate all the small things. We're pretty sure Leona isn't going to be too thrilled about having her name tied into this scandal.


The Mirror is reporting that sources close to Leona, 23, confirmed she and Brown had spoken at the Clive Davis Pre Grammy but said Leona had done nothing to cause the incident which followed.

One source said: “Leona is very happy with her boyfriend Lou and it was totally innocent on her behalf. She wasn’t flirting.”

A spokesman for Leona added, “This is nothing to do with her.”