Is Chris Brown Making Good On His Community Service Obligations?

July 11, 2012 By:

A Los Angeles judge is concerned that Chris Brown hasn’t fulfilled his community service obligations assigned to him after he was found guilty of felony assault following his attack on then-girlfriend, Rihanna. Remember that? Basically, probation officials think he may have "pulled a Lindsay Lohan" and is skipping out on community service.

Chris is currently serving five years probation and has completed his required anger management and domestic violence counseling - both of which were a condition of his sentence. In addition, he was supposed to complete six months of community labor in his home state of Virginia, but the prosecutor believe he hasn’t held up his end of the bargain.

The DA wants to see written records on how much of his required service he has actually fulfilled, so they are auditing the R&B singer.

Breezy’s legal team has said that he completed a “significant amount of hours” (no word on what “significant” actually translates to as far as time is concerned) and claim that Brown’s missing hours are due to a clerical error. If by “clerical error” they mean, “Brown didn’t do the community service” then yes, they would probably be right.

His lawyers say they weren’t provided with the “correct forms” to document and tally the hours of service that Brown provided in both Los Angeles and his home state of Virginia.

Brown’s punishment for his 2009 felony assault consists of graffiti removal, roadside cleanup and other manual labor.

We are glad to hear that Brown is making good on his court appointed obligations, and do wish him luck in getting his act together for a happier, more emotionally stable future.

But it is a bit difficult to feel sorry for a man who beat his famous former GF into a Frankensteined version of her former self. Just saying.