For $1,999. You Too Can Look Like Chris Brown

June 8, 2012 By:
For $1,999. You Too Can Look Like Chris Brown

Did you happen to catch Chris Brown’s performance on the plaza this morning on NBC? If so, then you’re as confused as us as to what the f*** he was wearing.

Brown took the stage with confidence, wearing skintight jeans and what looked like a jacket from the '90s. The reason it looked like it was from the '90s was because it was from the '90s.

The blue and gold collared jacket was something straight out of Zack Morris’ closet. On the front in large red letters read “Snow Beach.”

Chris’ bizarre wardrobe choice sparked a lively discussion here at Hollyscoop. After scouring the Internet we managed to find the jacket on eBay.

The title reads “Vintage '90s POLO Ralph Lauren SNOW BEACH Fleece Lined STADIUM 1992.” The price…. $1,999.99.

Snow Beach is actually an exclusive line from the designer brand that was featured in the mid 1990s.

Invtgwetrust, a vintage eBay seller, describes this particular piece as 100% nylon and in good condition. (Though there few faint stains and the printing is cracked in places, as the item is not mint.)

If you’re interesting in purchasing the product, I hope there is a lot of you to fill it out… It’s an XL W.

After doing a bit more research, it turns out that the jacket is not quite as dorky as it we originally thought. The same clothing item was worn by Ghostface Killah in the Wu-Tang Clan’s 1994 video for “Can It Be All So Simple.”

You get a pass this time, Chris… We’ll pretend like Wu-Tang loaned you the ensemble.