Drake And Chris Brown Offered Millions To Duke it Out

June 26, 2012 By:
Drake And Chris Brown Offered Millions To Duke it Out

In perhaps the most logical solution to the current Drizzy-Breezy feud, the R&B singers have been offered $1 million each to take their fight to the boxing ring.

Alki David, billionaire soda maker, has offered up the massive checks to the brawlers. In addition he will give an extra million to charity. The desired outcome is a pay-per-view boxing event that, if accomplished, will surely return on the pricey investment.

Celebrity Boxing personality Damon Feldman is heading the promotion for the event. Feldman spoke with the New York Daily News about the proposal.

“Obviously they have a grudge. It’s just three 1-minute rounds. No one will get seriously hurt,” he said.

First of all, this idea gets an “A” for amazing. Who wouldn’t want to see this happen?

Despite Drake walking away without a scratch from their fight in New York City at W.i.P., a man-to-man fisticuffs in the ring without entourages would likely prove to be a more or less fair fight.

Heck, make it interesting… Bring in Rihanna into be the ring girl. Oh wait… they already thought of that.

“I would love to have Rihanna as the ring girl,” Feldman said.

If Drake and Brown accept the challenge, the fight will take place in either Las Vegas or Los Angeles and be broadcast via pay-per-view. The anticipated fight date is August 25.

Hollyscoop spoke with Feldman who told us that he is meeting with both Drake and Brown’s people this week and hopes to solidify the deal.

Readers… Cross your fingers, pray, shake tea leaves. This would be epic. Let’s make it happen!