Chris Brown's Mom on Rihanna: She's Like a Daughter

September 3, 2009 By:
Chris Brown's Mom on Rihanna: She's Like a Daughter

Chris Brown isn’t the only one dealing with the repercussions following the attack on Rihanna. His mom Joyce Hawkins feels like she’s lost a family member.

She is also a victim of abuse, and opened up to People about the night Chris told her what had happened. She said, "It was the most painful moment in my life to hear him tell me that. I just sighed and was like, 'What in the world happened?' And you know he started talking, but I could see the pain in his face and how hurt he was while he was trying to tell me. It wasn't easy for him to do."

Hawkins had some great advice for her son that night. She told People, "I explained to him that in no way [was] what he did right or acceptable. And I just explained to him that if something of this magnitude ever happened again, what he should do – walk away from any situation and never involve yourself like that ever again."

Hawkins also said she was shocked Chris was capable of assaulting a woman. She continued, "I've never seen any violence in Chris, ever. There was never a history of violence. He’s always been my little angel."

Guess every angel loses his wings sometimes! Joyce says she misses Rihanna every day. She says, "I love her. She's like a daughter. She became family to us. She's spent Christmas with us for the last two years."

Well, it’ll definitely be a Rihanna-less Christmas in the Brown household this year!

Photo courtesy of People